3 Signs You Should Choose Automatic Swinging Doors Vs. Automatic Sliding Doors

3 April 2019
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When installing automatic doors in your place of business, you'll need to decide if you want automatic sliding doors or automatic swinging doors. Even though automatic sliding doors might seem like the obvious choice, you may want to choose automatic swinging doors in these situations.

1. You're Hoping to Stick to a Budget

One reason why some business owners opt for automatic swinging doors instead of automatic sliding doors is because they are typically more affordable to install. You might already have swinging doors in place in your business, and you should be able to have them automated without replacing them. This saves money on the cost of buying new doors and also helps you cut down on labor costs. If you choose to install automatic sliding doors, you'll have to buy new doors, and you'll also have to pay for the extensive work that will have to be done to install them.

2. You're Mostly Dealing with One-Way Traffic

Another sign that automatic swinging doors might work well for your needs is if you are looking for doors that will mostly be used for one-way traffic. It can get a little bit awkward for customers who are walking in and out if you have automatic swinging doors in place; therefore, for two-way traffic, automatic sliding doors are often best. If you have separate doors for those who are walking in and those who are walking out, however -- or if there isn't a lot of foot traffic through the doors at one time in most cases -- then automatic swinging doors might work well for your company's needs.

3. You're Concerned About Security

Some automatic sliding doors are designed for security and are not easy to break or pry open. In general, though, automatic sliding doors can be easier for someone to break into than more traditional doors. With automatic swinging doors, you can choose heavy, secure doors that are designed for security and then have them automated. If you operate a business in a high-crime area, if you operate a business that is at a high risk of being burglarized or if you are just very concerned about security, you might find that you feel a lot more comfortable with automatic swinging doors rather than automatic sliding doors. For increased security, you can talk to the person who is installing your doors about your concerns and can get help in choosing very secure doors.

Automatic sliding doors are very popular among many business owners and are used in many different industries. They are not your only option for automated doors, though. In the cases above, choosing automatic swinging doors instead of automatic sliding doors might just be ideal. Get in touch with a business like Access Door & Glass Inc to learn more.