Frequently Needed Commercial Storefront Door Repairs

27 October 2022
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The storefront door of your business can be an important part of ensuring that the building will be accessible to customers. Unfortunately, commercial storefront doors can experience some problems that will impact their usability and even the security that they may provide to the rest of the building. Broken Glass Broken glass is a very damaging problem for storefront doors. While the glass that is used in these doors is designed to be able to withstand most impacts, it can still suffer cracks, chips, and other issues that could compromise its structural integrity. Read More 

What to Know About Multi-Point Locking Doors

16 May 2022
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Do you need to replace one of your home's exterior doors? If so, you may be considering a multi-point locking door. Here are a few important things to know about this type of locking mechanism.  Multi-Point Locks Provide Better Seals One reason why it may be worth getting a multi-point lock for your exterior door is that it provides a better seal. Rather than just bringing the door in at the central locking point, it can do so at the top and bottom of the door. Read More