2 Major Tips to Ensure Your Garage Door Doesn’t Leave You in the Cold This Winter

8 December 2015
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A common problem with garage doors this time of the year is that they can become difficult, if not impossible to open and close properly. The dreaded combination of cold temperatures and ice formation can have a wide range of effects on your garage door—for example, lubricants can harden, seals can stick, and garage door openers can run sluggishly. The following shows how you can take care of these issues and ensure your garage door works flawlessly throughout the winter months. Read More 

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Tiny House Windows When It’s Time For Replacements

24 April 2015
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Many tiny house enthusiasts buy the smallest, most affordable windows they can find when first constructing their house to save money and time on installation. If you've been living in your new structure for a few years now, you're likely ready to upgrade for more natural light and a better looking home. Spend a little extra to try at least one of these five tricks for dressing up a tiny house with new windows. Read More