Frequently Needed Commercial Storefront Door Repairs

27 October 2022
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The storefront door of your business can be an important part of ensuring that the building will be accessible to customers. Unfortunately, commercial storefront doors can experience some problems that will impact their usability and even the security that they may provide to the rest of the building.

Broken Glass

Broken glass is a very damaging problem for storefront doors. While the glass that is used in these doors is designed to be able to withstand most impacts, it can still suffer cracks, chips, and other issues that could compromise its structural integrity. This could make the door less secure, and it may even grow worse over time as the damage is able to spread. Generally, this problem will be repaired by replacing the damaged pane of glass, but there may be instances where it could be addressed with resins. However, this will have to be done when the damage to the door is still relatively minor.

Damaged Tracks For Sliding Doors

Many commercial storefront doors will be designed to open by sliding. This can be a reliable and effective solution that will work well with most automated door systems. However, the tracking can suffer damage that may impact the ability of the door to travel along it. In particular, it is possible for the tracks to become warped, and this could impair the ability of the door to travel along it. A professional commercial storefront door repair service may be able to correct this by carefully bending the tracking back into place. In some cases, the tracking may be too damaged to effectively repair, but it can be safely replaced without needing to replace the entire storefront door.

Faulty Automatic Opening Systems

In order to provide accessibility options for those with mobility issues, many commercial storefront doors will use automated opening systems. These systems can allow individuals to open these doors without having to use their hands. While an invaluable option for those with a range of mobility issues, these opening systems can suffer malfunctions that may prevent them from working as intended. Routine maintenance and calibration can help to prevent these issues from being able to develop with the door, but if this does happen, you will want to use a commercial storefront door repair service that will be able to provide quick response times. This will allow for the problem to be repaired as soon as possible so that any accessibility or security problems for the building will be minimized.

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