Are You Getting A State-Of-The-Art Shower?

7 May 2020
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Maybe you want to keep your bathtub for times when you want a long, relaxing soak. However, if your present shower is outdated, you might want to make some changes. Do you already have a plan for establishing a state-of-the-art shower? If you don't, then keep reading for information that might help you to design the shower area for your master bathroom.

Head To A Shower Store - If you go to a shower store, you'll probably find every single thing you need for your new shower. It will help if you know the look you want before you shop.

  • For example, if you want something super dramatic, select a color changing rainfall thermostatic shower. Choose a showerhead system that will deliver a soft, steady amount of water, a pulsating flow, or a very strong flow that might soothe the muscles in your body. 
  • Maybe you want something more traditional. In that case, go with a semi-frameless shower door with either brass or chrome hardware as part of the door's design. 
  • Maybe you have a large bathroom. If so, go with the traditional semi-frameless shower door, but select a wider one. Doing that will mean that the towel bar on the outside of the glass shower door will have ample room for towels. You will probably be able to place three towels that are folded into a narrow strip. 
  • As you design your new shower, think of including up to three recessed shelves in the design. That will mean that you will have a handy place to store things like shampoos, conditioners, and other items you use while showering.

Choose The Tile For Your Shower - Do you have painted walls or wallpapered walls in your bathroom? If so, you'll probably want to choose tile for the shower walls. Choose tile that will help to establish the mood you want in your bathroom.

  • For instance, maybe your walls are painted a light turquoise color. If so, consider choosing a darker hue of turquoise that will complement the paint.
  • If you go with the color-changing rainfall shower, that probably means that you want drama in your bathroom design. Think of choosing tiles that have a bold pattern as their design.
  • Does your bathroom have a Mediterranean theme? In that case, choose a tile that will carry out the same theme. For instance, a multi-colored Mediterranean style tile would be one good choice.
  • Choose bath towels that will go well with the tile you select. 

When you shop at the shower store, look for things like metal or plastic drinking glasses and soap dishes that will match the rest of your bathroom.